Why should I have my piano moved by professionals?

Technique – We know the proper way to break down / set up, pad, and move a piano in the best and safest way.

Insured – We carry the proper insurance for higher priced objects and the homes we work in. Whether an accident or an act of nature, you’re covered.

Efficient – We have the equipment and man power needed to get the move done in the best and most time efficient way. Prior knowledge, a video or possibly a visit is essential to find the best routes and save time for the higher rated moving hours.

How far can you move a piano?

Local Moves – These appointments will be available twice a month. (More depending on future need & growth.)

Far Moves – These will be available once a month and will need to be scheduled at least two weeks prior. For these moves prearranged help may be needed for the non local location. In extreme cases may include overnight fee for reasonable food and accommodations.

How do you Price?

Each house is unique, especially out here. Each calculation has based on piano type, then modified based on factors like stairs, narrow turns, having to tilt or lift the piano, having to go through grass or down/up hills, bringing in additional equipment like a fork lift to go through a window.


Price for gas having gone up so much a mileage fee has become necessary for most moves.