Any work estimated over $1000 requires a 50% down payment.

All other projects require 25% down.

Price subject to change depending on hours needed, initial estimate based off of industry standard and unique problems may arise.

Cancellations within 48 hours subject to $25 additional fee when rescheduled. Exclusion being medical and family emergencies.

Emergency / short notice visit subject to $25 fee within 7 days of booking.

Emergency / short notice visit subject to $50 fee within 2 days of booking.

Invoice open more than 30 days will have a late fee of 15% added. An additional 15% compounded total will be added for every 30 additional days.

Pianos are unique individuals and can have a wide and varying array of issues. Like most antiques there are two ways to approach these  items. A full rebuild, guaranteeing that every part is functioning and in optimal shape. Buying a newer instrument is also an option.

Another option is an incremental build approach. This approach while more budget friendly, sometimes the results may vary. Like trying to start up an old car, at first the issues may seems basic, replacing a few key parts and doing simple maintenance. To only then discover that more things now need replaced, that before were unable to be seen due to basic functionality issues.

Unfortunately at the end of the day working on pianos, you are at the will of the instrument, and other issues may arise down the line or a more expensive rebuild may be the best or only way to truly guarantee results.