What is Voicing?

Voicing is both, changing tone color and evening the tone of each note to match each other.

Another process that is essential to Voicing is Hammer Filing, this and Regulation are usually necessary prior to Voicing.

Why should I get my piano Hammers Filed?

String Grooves – If the piano has been heavily used or has been in use for some time the hammers will develop grooves from the repeated impact from the strings. This is usually described as a “tinny” or “Metallic” tone.

Broken Strings – A larger surface area hitting the string causes it to flex in areas it wasn’t designed to.

Muddy Tones – When specific parts of the strings are hit, certain partials are accented. The strike line is designed specifically to hit certain tones and avoid others. With a wider hit surface these unwanted tones can be triggered.

Dynamics – With the hammers reshaped to more of a point the energy transfer is more efficient and less is wasted.

Why should I get my piano Voiced?

Hammers Filed – With new exposed felt, the tone will need to be equalized across the instrument.

Change the Tone – Pianos are usually described as Bright or Warm. Depending on the players want this can be changed to either option or their desired mix.

Even the Tone – Do some not stand out, cut through, or are just louder than its neighbors? Voicing will equalize the piano and allow for a more enjoyable listening experience.